Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

We offer many of the same standard coverages other insurers do. But we do more than meet checklist requirements. We offer more unique coverages—many of which don’t cost any extra.

Boat insurance coverages that are automatically included

No depreciation on repairs

We’ll always pay what it costs to return your watercraft to its pre-accident condition or better. For example, let’s say that you hit a submerged object, damaging your 10-year old motor. It may only be valued at $1,000 but costs $3,000 to replace. If we can’t repair it, we’ll replace it. For you, that could be a real $2,000 difference.

Unlimited small accident forgiveness

We don’t count any small accidents of $500 or less against you or charge you more because of one.

Large accident forgiveness

If you’ve been with us for at least 4 years and have not filed a claim in the last 3 years, we won’t count an accident against you at your next renewal, regardless of what it costs.

Fuel spill

Pays the cost of cleaning up a fuel spill, even if your boat sinks.

Wreckage removal

If your boat sinks, we’ll cover the costs of removing your boat from the water (if removal is legally required).

Roadside assistance

If your trailer or tow

Why you need a specialty boat insurance policy

You may be able to insure your boat on your homeowners policy. But homeowners typically only covers physical damage while your boat is stored on your property. You might not even get protection when you’re actually on the water. That’s why so many boaters choose Progressive specialty policies.
With specialty boat insurance, you’ll get all the coverages listed above (or the option to select them). And if you finance your boat or dock it at a marina, you may be required to get a specialty policy.
Get boat insurance for as low as $100/year

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